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Letters From Mrs. Claus Recipients


Dear Jeana:

I can't thank you enough for your visit, the basket, blanket, gift card, etc ... I enjoyed our time together and I pray we can get together again. Please stay in touch and hopefully you will be able to make a visit with Renee --- Whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is peaceful and joyful, whatever is uplifting and from above .... May these fill your cups of blessing today and always.

Shalom, Ginger

Mrs. Ginger Sullivan

Thank you is not enough for the beautiful gift you gave me. Receiving the basket made me feel so special. It was such a nice surprise. Thank you for all you do for cancer patients. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Much love and gratitude,

Joseph Gault

I want to thank you and the lovely ladies of the Mrs. Claus Club for the work that you do. It was wonderful to meet you and I was blown away by all the lovely items and useful items in the gift basket you gave me. The Giant Eagle card was a big help. The prayer you prayed for me has become a real comfort to me and I pray it often. Through my experience with Ovarian cancer my husband and I have met some really special people -- you being one of them. My treatments are going well and I'm halfway through. There have been many blessings during the past few months. God is Good - all the Time! At some point in the future I hope to show my appreciation by donating some prayer shawls to your organization.

God Bless,

Lynn Stewart

Thank you so much for your box. I received it yesterday as I was finishing my third round of a year of treatment. It made me cry .. in a good way! I especially liked the journal, the biotene, the painted glass, prayer shawl ... I could go on and on- thank you for everything and all of it!! You made my day, week, month -- I certainly will pray for you and all the women you have helped.

Love, Chrysten

Chrysten Cunningham

Thank you so much. God is using you and everything you do and pray for others is so pleasing to Him! Thank you so very much ... Mrs. Claus is a good ministry.

Love in Jesus, Sharon

Sharon Deabdrea

Dear Mrs Claus Club,

Thank you for the wonderful visit and basket today. Jeana and Debbie are treasures, and I am so honored to have had them come into my home with their many blessings and warm wishes. Their visit was uplifting and makes me hopeful for a full recovery. This is a wonderful organization and I appreciate everyone’s time, effort and love that is put into it.

Again, my heartfelt thank you,

[Breast Cancer]

Dear Mindy & all who participate in the Mrs Claus Club,

Thank you all for such a wonderful basket full of helpful and soothing gifts of all sorts to help me as I go thru my therapy. What a blessing your club is to all who receive it.

God Bless you all for your gifts, thoughts, prayers and support.

[Uterus & Lung Cancer]

Dear Jeana,

What an extraordinarily surprise you gave me. When I arrived home and found a big basket and a bag, I don't even know how to say thank you. The shawl you made is so pretty and the gift cards are wonderful. Dear Jeana you sure have lifted me and I know I will beat this ...it's many hurdles ahead but with friends like you and His help we will win. Thank you for all the blessings you are an angel.


[Ovarian Cancer]

Dear Jeana,

As I reflect on my very difficult year, I wanted to sit down and thank all of the very special people who helped me get thru my illness. There are simply not enough words to say thank you for your wonderful kindness in delivering my beautiful comfort basket to the hospital.

Your heartwarming smile and all of the goodies was so awesome. Now, I know how much love is put into those baskets! Jeana, may God continue to bless you while you keep spreading his Love, prayers and kindness to so many more people.


Dear Mrs Claus,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Mrs. Claus comfort basket, prayer shawl and wonderful thoughts and prayers. Those words don’t express how thankful I really am. I appreciate the wonderful people you have brought into my life as well. I just met with Beth and ordered my wig and used the very generous gift certificate.

Thank you again for all the wonderful things. I am so blessed to have all this support during this difficult time.


Dear Jeana,

Thank you so much for your visit, gift basket and most of all your prayers.
Because of your gift of prayer and that of your organization, I believe that was the reason for my good news of no chemo. As I wrap myself in my prayer shawl, I am comforted and blessed to be a part of your organization.

Thank you so much,


Dear Deb,

Oh my gosh, is the blanket you sent from Mrs. Claus a blessing! The shawl was made with love and prayers for a stranger she never met. Thank you for sharing on your tips for comfort. Having a chemo treatment as I write this note to you …. Round 4, 2 to go. Welcome therapy – faithful not fearful. Enclosed is a check for Mrs. Claus. I can’t help her create the shawl for another woman warrior, but can contribute forward materials to help spread the healing you and she started. Thank you for your continued support.



Hi Mindy,

Thank you so much for requesting a comfort basket from Mrs. Claus organization. It was a nice surprise to get a basket of goodies. I am especially enjoying the chemo cookbook.



Dear Jeana,

It was such a pleasant surprise to meet you and learn of the Mrs. Claus Club. It was even more of a surprise when you presented me with a lovely basket. I was overwhelmed and so blessed to know that there are such caring people in this world. Thank you for caring, love and prayers not only for me but also for the other cancer and leukemia patients you visit and pray for. God Bless you and the others involved in the Mrs. Claus Club.



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